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Peticular Ltd

Humble Beginnings


In the summer of 2011 we were working as a conventional
double glazing business and received an enquiry for a “Cat Lock” as the customer described it. As it turns out the customer was a cat lover / breeder of Siamese and the requirement was for a porch to prevent escape when the front door was opened, simple! However, no one else they approached seemed to grasp the concept of function over form or be prepared to build it exactly as they desired.


Coincidentally, our very next enquiry was for a “Dog House”. Essentially, the customer required a small conservatory to provide an indoor / outdoor area for keeping 2 muddy rescue greyhounds off the house carpets after muddy walks, which doubled up as a grooming area and a kennel during working hours providing shelter from the elements.

Once again, understanding the exact client requirement seemed too much to ask of other suppliers.


Next up, we received a tentative enquiry for a cattery and built a prototype for proof of process. We took our prototype to “The Supreme Cat Show” in November 2011 which attracted a considerable amount of interest from breeders and boarders. The feedback we received indicated that whilst being hygienic, durable uPVC kennels and catteries have been available for many years. This being the case, the lack of flexibility, competition and willingness to adapt available products to meet specific customer requirements left potential buyers with “Hobson’s Choice” for design, layout, performance and, ultimately, PRICE!


Subsequently, the double glazing business was closed and Peticular Pens was formed by Steve Vince and Pete Garlick at the beginning of 2012, with over 50 years of uPVC build experience between them there is little they cannot achieve with a little thought and consideration.


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The Product


We use the latest and best insulating uPVC profiles to domestic ‘A Rated’ energy efficiency standards, insulated sleeping boxes and thermostatically regulated temperature control systems to ensure your animals have a sanctuary to retreat to. 

The buildings themselves are compiled of 100% lead free profiles along with our high end domestic quality roofing systems, in the best interests of both the environment and your animals. Using toughened high performance double glazed units coupled with stainless steel mesh and neoprene seals/gaskets allows us to deliver an outstanding quality of finish, longevity of service and thermal efficiency unparalleled in this market.

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